Blogging a dead horse

Is a barrel of naked monkeys more fun than a barrel of hairy ones?



Lawrence Gray has gone stir crazy but now he is allowed to do more than purchase booze and bread flour and can go hunt crocodiles among the mangroves.

Finally after three months of lockdown, we are allowed out of the house to do more than buy booze and bread flour! So we decided to head for the Mangrove swamps and brave the crocodiles, marauding goats and pig tailed macaques and frolic in the pirates lair of Penyebong, which apparently means Cock Fighter… I am sure there is joke there, but it is probably not permissible in this New Victorian Age.

You can watch and enjoy some wide open spaces and all too many fish eyed close ups of my rather shaggy head over at You Tube. For some reason my web creation programme doesn't let you insert videos in the BLOG. So here's the link:


And for those not wishing to click on through to the video which would have been much shorter if I had any purpose in mind, and the time to indulge in such purpose. But as it is, I am quietly writing a massive play with a cast of thousands, all of whom breath over each other and now and then cough and dribble. I figure that people will tire of social distancing and go bat shit crazy and drool over each other as if it was a sign of something or other.

For those not wishing to get stuck into twenty minutes of looking up my nose as I mutter mordant commentary on the shock of being out in the open, I've added a few photos here that will be of no interest to anyone who does not know me.

People read my blog to gather my erudite thoughts on life, literature, travel, and stuff. However, since retreating to the depths of Johor I have become shockingly mundane.