Welcome to my home page!


My name is Lawrence Gray and I write, produce and direct movies. I do not sing, perform breast implants, teach mathematics and nor am I a dead silent movie star. Though if you googled my name, you probably wanted my namesakes. However, I probably came up top of the list. I like to think that this is because the mind of Google has deemed that I am much better for you. On my site you will find screenwriting hints, tips, and obfuscations. You will also find pics and patter concerning my film making activities and a section on my short fictions, a collection of which is published by Proverse Press.

I also have a feature film under my belt as a director, producer, writer, editor, caterer, etc etc. (Check it out)  You can find out more about the adventures of Fat Englishman films on the blog postings. By the way, I am not fat. I once won an award for a script called Fat Englishmen and have since considered it a lucky name. It became singularised by a typing error when applying for the business licence.

And to add to the verbosity of this opening page, which as you know is a killer for websites because people cannot read nowadays, may I introduce Exit A1 which is a unique collection of photographs of every single MTR Station in Hong Kong. In order to give herself a respite from my wit, wisdom and charm, my wife sat on the MTR for a month with her camera. It was a cry for attention, so please leave comments.

I regularly teach screenwriting around Asia, and am available for a not unreasonable fee which should include hotel accommodation of a high quality and comfortable travel conditions. I am known for my wisdom, when all I am really being is amusing. You can find me on Twitter where I tweet cryptic messages and inform the world of anything new happening on my site.  And if you really are a stalker, you can get more than your fill of me by following my no doubt really tiresome Instagram habit. At least I don't take pictures of cats or what I've eaten, unless I'm eating cats.



(c) Lawrence Gray 2013